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New life forms added, a cool way to crashland on a planet like a pro, and a long list of fixes and improvements in this weeks update!

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Hop on discord.gg/orangepixel to chat about it !

Let’s create more life on the planet! Introducing “bouncers” (I really should come up with an actual name for these) which bounce all over the planet, but only if the temperature is right, and there is deuterium to be found! Because they love snacking on deuterium and absorbing it before you get your hands on it.. so better watch out when setting up those mining devices!

There’s also a huge list of bug-fixes coming in this week, as I had a bunch of feedback on the Steam Demo (which is now available as long as the kickstarter runs) so to make it all a better experience this version comes with a nice juicy amount of fixes and improvements. Check the full list below!

If you’d like to see more about how the blobs bounce around the planet, then make sure to check out this weeks video.. it also shows a nice and cool new crashlanding animation!

Full changes list:

  • added: cool space-ship door opening animation .. because I CAN !
  • add “twirl signs” above deployed devices
  • added crashlog saving
  • added: Bouncing blobs (just life forms – no purpose for now)
  • add “broken slots” to mechanics (doors).. you can “grab” a “broken fidget” and have it analyzed by the ship’s printer for a “new fidget”
  • add “find deuterium” mission to start of the game
  • add “find metal” mission to start of the game
  • added “Planet id” to pause screen
  • fixed: too many “bee” spots at ceilings
  • fixed: resources should always retrigger “back to ship” even if no analyzing needed
  • fixed: first broken fidget/item should mention going back to spaceship (mission)
  • fixed: level generator not generating exactly same planet every time
  • fixed: tree vines don’t always attach to tree
  • fixed: intro – crashing ship drops 8 pixels to low on screen
  • fixed: snow falls to fast + doesn’t collide with solid-boxes (only tiles)
  • fixed: Broken switches don’t always trigger open events at doors
  • fixed: player can go out-of-bounds on the map
  • fixed: door between 2 power-switches, won’t open unless both are powered up (hard to do if switch is on other side of door)
  • fixed: player sometimes locks up (on ledge, starting an “investigate” moment)
  • fixed: level-generator with horizontal doors leading to blocked wall
  • fixed: fish don’t seem to bite fishing rod anymore
  • fixed: gamepad button-instructions are blank
  • fixed: mining devices without resources still show “time left” boxes
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