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Legends of Strife now has a fully functioning reputation system.

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This week we finished the all important reputation system. This includes getting rep from quests and for killing players of an opposing faction. The reputation display and chat messages announcing rep changes are in. The basis for our Global Conflict has also been implemented.

In the world players will have the opportunity to join one of the two Great factions that rule the continent, and will be able to take part in the age old war between the two. This is known as the Global Conflict. Not all areas will be under their influence however, and there will be some areas dominated by peace loving people, or conflicted by another set of factions. For example El Clease:

Tucked away in a nest of mountains, El Clease was claimed by neither of the two great factions. The people who live there promote peace, and won't like it if you kill anyone affiliated with them. In game terms, you can kill a player in El Clease, but you'll lose reputation with them. In El Clease there is a war going on however, but it is limited to the farmlands of the Farmers that are fighting each other. There are two zones, Jannie's Farm and Piet's Farm, inside El Clease where you can kill enemy players freely.

The zones are designed for seamless play as the game will display to you whether another player is an enemy or a friend in each zone and update if you cross over into different zones. This way you don't ever have to worry about attacking an ally by mistake or missing an opportunity to kill an enemy. Here's a video of me and Mr. Programmer trying out the system (I'm the ownage necromancer). The classes haven't been balanced at all yet but I think I will claim the title of pvp champion for now :D

On the reputation window you'll be able to see your rep and standing with a faction. There is also an optional "at war" button which you can use if you want to start killing you own faction or stop killing another faction for whatever reason. This doesn't mean they'll stop attacking you though, it's mostly for the extreme case you want to try changing factions.

Last but not least, we implemented a "rebuke" system. Let's say there's an assassin going around last hitting your well earned boar and taking all the loot. There's no need to go crazy and kill the guy, getting you a reputation penalty, you just have to rebuke him. When you rebuke a player (24 hour cool down) he'll get a minor reputation loss with the faction. Getting rebuked once or twice is no big deal, but if he keeps stealing people's loot then, well, he'll be getting a lot more rebukes than that. Too many rebuke will make him hated by that faction, meaning he'll get attacked by town guards etc. Not the best situation to be in.

Next we are working on the Stats System. The last thing on our list of fundamental game play mechanics.

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