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We at the Republic Commando Mini Series Dev team wanted to give you something until the next chapter. So here's a trivia contest, the winner get's to watch behind the scenes material, talk with us, give us ideas and partially become one of the team.

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So here it is, send a PM to me with your answers.

1. Name six places Delta Squad has been at. (canon places)

2. What ship was Delta ordered to shoot down during the Invasion of Kashyyyk? (Not the name of the ship just the ships design name/fanon name)

3. Name the four commando's ID signature. (The full signature For eg. RC-0000)

4. How old is Scorch? (He's age, duh :P)

5. Name the mandalorian mercenary(s) who was on Mygeeto with Delta Squad, and trained them.

6. Name the prefered choice of weaponry used by each one of the commandos.

7. Name the home ship Delta was first stationed on.

8. What rogue kaminoan did Delta Squad hunt down in one of the novels?

9. Why did the Republic put all commandos, in all commando squads seperately on LAAT's?

10. What sound engine was used for Republic Commando The Videogame?

11. What is Sev's current status?

Thanks to ****ng google and encyclopedia's people can cheat. Thanks alot Bill Gates.
But please try not to, We will notice it.
Probably.... Not. But still, don't.


Remember to PM it to me, Craftan99.


"4. How old is Scorch? (He's age, duh :P)"
He was 1 yo when he lived half yers
2 yers old when he lived one yer

Bit stupid question :P

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Gefr.Grün Author

Don't answer here, and besides if you read the novels, they tell you how old he is.

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