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It's been a while since I wrote the last news and to be honest it was mostly down to the fact that we were busy with real-life commitments. Nonetheless, I'm happy to tell you that we did continue the development of Barrage roughly two months ago and achieved some cool progress.

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To give you a brief idea what we did the last few weeks and how's the current state of the game I just digged through all the Github commits to create some sort of changelog. Of course, I won't list all the tiny things that happened under the hood but here we go with the most interesting features.

  • Keplerian orbits - we finally implemented the keplerian orbits that allow us to have not only boring circular orbits but orbits that have an inclination or are extremely eccentric. This makes gameplay a lot more interesting.
  • Main Menu - as you maybe noticed in the media section we started with implementing a main menu.
  • Fractured planets - we started to implement a function so you're able to shoot off bits of a planet if you hit it.
  • Rigged turrets - the turret barrels are now facing towards the direction you're aiming at.
  • On-screen marker - added some helper markers that make it easier to spot missiles and planets.
  • New collision system - We had to introduce a complete new collision system because the old one was "slightly" bugged.
  • Team coloured buildings - Buildings have coloured elements that use your player-colour.
  • Tooltips - tooltips for all buttons similar to other RTS games.
  • Solar power - solar power plants produce a lot less energy if they're not facing the sun.
  • Building interaction - Ability to sell and upgrade buildings.

For the next time we'll mostly work on fixing some multiplayer-related issues, so we can finally start the very first alpha multiplayer testing sessions.

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