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Some info about the remaster. What is new and improved on.

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Hey guys! Final Revelations is now over 3 years old. Months ago, the author planned on making a remaster. I convinced him to finish it and I'm now uploading it for him. All credits for this mod goes to Krusti, aka Kaernk.

What is improved in the remaster?

- Less empty areas and more details in general, including more rooms to enter in some maps

- Grammar has been improved a lot
- A new shopping system. You can now pick what you want to buy instead of just getting random items
- 2 New NPC's, one trader and one guard with voice acting
- A bit less backtracking in the first chapter
- New custom sanity/whisper sounds playing randomly after a certain point in the story

- A completely new map called the Gauntlet map. See how fast you can complete the obstacle course and become the gauntlet master

- Easier to get the good ending
- A new collectiable called "Insights"
- One voice actor improved his voice acting
- A lot of glitch fixing

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