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I have been working on the 1.59 update for RELOCK, this update features TrackIR support for the Windows platform and some major bug fixes for all platforms.

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So what is TrackIR?
TrackIR is used commonly in the Flight-Sim, Arma/Operation Flashpoint communities.
It enables your head to be tracked in-game which provides unparallelled realism and a truly immersive experience with up to 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF).
What this achieves is the ability for the player to aim their firearm seperately from where their head is looking, this is particularly useful if for example I want to throw you a magazine across the corridor while keeping my weapon trained down the corridor ready to engage. All I have to do is look at you and throw the magazine or grenade depending on what the situation requires.

Here is a look at TrackIR 5 in action in Arma 2 (this is not Relock footage):

I have wanted to implement TrackIR into Relock for some time now, after experimenting I have figured out how I can do this efficiently.
I believe that the overall 'feel' of the game is the most important aspect in relation to gameplay, this comes before graphics and any visual fidelity which is why I have been spending most of my time working on the TrackIR implementation for the game along with the multiplayer.
There are a few issues though, the main issue is cross-platform support for TrackIR.
It is not possible to say that it will be supported as is but I am working on a solution but cannot guarantee that it will work.

What about the Oculus Rift?
This is an option for future development, I would love for Relock to have Rift support as it would bring the game to almost tactile realism - something which I desire to achieve later in the development cycle. Unfortunately right now it isn't an option.

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