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We now have a badass soundtrack for Zombie Hunter inc from Hourvari and a unique “Active Reload” system to boost your magazine changing time.

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Hi guys!
First, listen to this awesome song:

Hourvari - Ep 2011 II

We have contacted a French band Hourvari and they kindly allowed us to use this badass soundtrack in Zombie Hunter inc!
In this update, I want to show you a number of reloading systems that Zombie Hunter inc’s guns will have.

Different reloading mechanics in Zombie Hunter inc

Our favorite is the “Active reload” mechanics inspired by Gears of War. With this system, skilled hunters will be able to change their gun’s clip much faster if they hit the reload button at the right time during the loading process. However, if you miss the timing, your reload will be very slow. You can always choose to do nothing and have an average reload time. Choose wisely!

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Be sure not to screw up when there is a lot of zombies!

Another reloading mechanics we currently have is for pump-action shotgun. This weapon is unique because it allows you to fire once a single clip has been loaded. But beware that loading the very first cartridge into the shotgun takes the most time, so you will gain time overall if you will be loading your gun fully rather than partially. However, you can always choose to top up a few cartridges into your shotgun whenever you have a breathing room. Experimentation ensues!

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Dat must hurt…

That’s all for this update, but stay tuned as the “Riverfront” level is almost ready and I will soon show you how it looks like!

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