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I am pleased to announce that Reliefs The time of the Lemures is now available for download!

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Hello everyone !

I am pleased to announce that Reliefs The time of the Lemures is now available for download!
Regarding the content of this version, only one part of the tutorial is available for the moment, but this should very quickly evolve in the weeks and months to come.
It's not a simple little update, or a big update, but a new game!
New game engine, new gameplay, new environment and new story!
Hope you will like this new Reliefs!

About Reliefs The time of the Lemures:
99% of the game has been redone. Only a few textures and the arms of the main character were reused after extensive retouching. This version 0.3 of Reliefs is an entirely new video game. Only the idea of ​​the game and its gameplay are still there (but modified a little) in order to keep the soul of the game.

About Early access:
Reliefs has been in early access for 2 years and I didn't think it would take so long.

- The first version of Reliefs (0.1) was still available until recently. It was developed from September 2015 to July 2019 under Blender Game Engine or BGE. This first version was then canceled due to a problem due to the graphics engine used, too old, not sufficiently capable and no longer updated. These issues were causing the game to be unstable and it could crash at any time, so I looked for another game engine to resolve these issues.

- The second version of Reliefs (0.2) was never available. It was developed from February 2019 to January 2020 under Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine or UPBGE. This new engine was an updated version of the previous one, more powerful and correcting many problems. But other problems were present and the non followed of the updates made that I also canceled the version 0.2 of Reliefs.

I chose to use a more professional engine with a lot of tracking. I hesitated for a long time between Unreal engine and Unity. But I finally took Unity engine.

- The third version of Reliefs (0.3) is therefore available today. It was developed from January 2020 until today under Unity 2019.4.

This is why the development time took so long. The early access is not over and the development of the game will take some time yet.

Steam store content:
New game and therefore new content for the store. New images are available with a new description and a new video. New logo and launch image for the game compatible with the Steam interface update!

The engine of the game:
The new game engine used is that of Unity 2019.4 HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline). This engine now offers me new possibilities for Reliefs with more detailed, large and realistic universes.

The character is now much more dynamic than version 0.1. Your momentum is very important in the game, the more momentum you have the further you can jump. You can double jump, climb walls, and jump over walls to reach higher surfaces. You still have your torch and your bow has been replaced by a spear. This spear is connected with a rope that will always allow you to climb everywhere!

The environment :
I have always wanted to do Reliefs in an environment inspired by the Calanques in France. Only the graphic limitation has never allowed me until today!
The Roman temples in the game are as faithfully as possible inspired by Roman building elements that still exist in size 1/1. The temples are huge and very detailed.

The audio:
The Unity game engine helps recreate realistic sound environments.
For example, you will have a strong eco for your footsteps if you enter a huge empty temple. But this eco will be different if you are in a valley, on top of a mountain or in a forest.

The story :
Reliefs, The time of The Lemures has a new main story. It is currently not visible because only part of the tutorial is available but later this main story will take you through disturbing environments and radically opposed to white cliffs and green forests. The gameplay will also evolve.

As in the first version of Reliefs you will be able to collect keys in order to open rooms presenting various elements of the game. But this part is not yet available.

As in Reliefs 0.1 you can collect items to make a torch, spear or rope to help you in this environment. The making of tools will be simpler than the old version in order to avoid breaking the rhythm of the game.This content is not yet available. For the tutorial you have unlimited torches and spears.

The future of the game:
Much still remains to be done, but the foundation of the game is finished. The next updates will add content, and the few gameplay that are missing!

Thank you for supporting the development of Reliefs for its many years!
See you soon for the next Reliefs The time of the Lemures update 0.3.1!

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