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Hello everyone! A new next step for Reliefs come with the 0.2 version! This update change everything in the game.

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Hello everyone!

A new next step for Reliefs come with the 0.2 version!
This update change everything in the game.

First, a new game engine!

Currently, Reliefs work on BGE (Blender Game Engine) 2.79 version.
This is a powerful engine but now abandoned by Blender Foundation since 2018.
This is a very bad news for me, because the BGE in this actually version is limited and many bug needs to be resolved.

Fortunately, i'm not the one fan of the Blender Game Engine and many versions based on this game engine exist like UPBGE.
UPBGE (Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine) is based on the game engine, but is very most powerful than the BGE and not abandoned.
Reliefs will be now develop in this new game engine, but i need to rework all the game in order to make a better compatibility with this new engine.

This update will change all the game, this is a new game after the release of the 0.2 version.
The 0.2 version of Reliefs take the better of the presently game, but delete the all functionalities not use, broken or not fun.
And adding many new functionalities to make an gameplay more dynamic and fun.

The new game engine:

- Update :
With this new game engine, it's will be more easy for me to develop the game and to make the updates.
Currently, to make an update for Reliefs is not very simple, and i need to change many things in the game to make it compatible with all computer configurations before the release of an update.

- Interfaces :
New dynamic interfaces will be available for the Reliefs 0.2, more easy to use and more faster to load because is generated or deleted in real time.
Currently the interfaces are heavy and statics and you can crash in a loading.

- Gamepad :
With this new game engine, you can plug or unplug a gamepad when the game is launched and will be automatically recognized.
Currently, you need to restart the game if you have unplugged your gamepad when the game is launched.

- Textures :
This game engine supports the very large textures like 4096x4096 or more.
Currently, 95% of the all textures are 1024x1024 max size because if more that five textures is most large than this size, these large textures is forgotten by the game engine. (Appear dark in the game or is replaced by small texture)

- Color and shadows :
I can make a realistic color environments in real time, with the smooth shadows!
Currently the BGE doesn't use the sRGB color and the pixels of the shadows textures are square and not smoothed.

- AA Samples :
The anti aliasing allows to smooth the borders of the objects and textures to skip the milling effects.
Currently the BGE isn't supporting this AA Samples.

- HDR :
The HDR or High Dynamic Range effects natively use.
Currently the HDR doesn't exist natively in the BGE, you need to use a GLSL shader.

- Parallax mapping :
The Parallax mapping is an enhancement of the bump mapping or normal mapping techniques applied to textures in order to make and relief on this texture.
This effect allows me to make a more realistic and detailed textures.
Currently is not supported by the BGE.

- Mirror :
A real time reflection of the water for example with very less performance use.
Currently is not supported in the BGE.

You have too the geometry instancing, the depth factor for the transparent textures. You can change the LOD (level of detail) of all textures, fake PBR and many much more!

You have understood it, the Reliefs 0.2 will be very different of the last 0.1 version of the game.
The release date of this big update is not planned, but can arrive in September.
In all cases, I will post every week a new "Diary of devs" to keep you the last new about Reliefs 0.2!
(The screenshot is taken with the new UPBGE game engine)

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