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Hello everyone! The first update of this year is now available for Reliefs!

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Hello everyone!
The first update of this year is now available for Reliefs!

The Music update :
This is a feature that I was very often asked since many months. Add a musics in the game, and I understand!
This functionality was planned and is now available. These musics they have been created from a more than one year but, I preferred to work on the functionalities more important than the music until today.
A new year started and the future next updates of this year for Reliefs they will allow that to enlarge considerably the world of the game.
For now, if I count the next update for the next week, 15/100 areas are available in Reliefs. I hope at the end of this year, 100/100 of the areas they will have been created, with all puzzles, story and collectable objects.

If you have a bug or a problem in the game, do not hesitate to contact me.
If you have any idea or suggestion, do not hesitate to post on the forum.

The news functionalities :
- Music :
Now, at more or less regular intervals, the game load a new music in a repertory of 8 musics. More music will be added in the future.
You can, if you wish in the options of the game, change the sound level of the music or just desactivate her if you don't want a music in the game.

Update functionalities :
- Objects viewer :
For the mouse user, the objects viewer as improve. Now the objects turn correctly with your mouse. It's easier to see an object with the mouse now.

- Lights in objects viewer :
The light in the objects viewer was updated for improving the visibility of the objects that you look. And the shadows are less visible.

- Double actors :
In many cases, the actors objects (door, lever, ...) can appear in double. This problem is very impacting on the performance of the game and the animation of an object.
For example, if a door is duplicated and start her animation (open or close), the objects can overlap and this problem is visible in the game.
Now to solve this problem, I have created a new function that checks at every distance traveled by the player all actors objects of the world to see if he is double or not. If is the case, this object (double) is delete of the world.

- Sundial :
The sundial is now surrounded of an a blue stripes for more visibility the day or night.

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