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Post news RSS Releasing demo 0.53 out soon !

So in a week or so we will bring a new demo demo out for you to enjoy it and have fun. Overall the new features are not many but still there's gona be significant change compared with the rest of our released versions, that at a very soon stage were released.

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Get ready for the new chaos in the arena!

This one will be about effects , such as sounds , new particles ingame and better AI, and better fighting system overall changes.

We have changed the effects a lot starting with the gore , and adding some to the melee fighting system , and on the motion gameplay.

effects particles

-When you damage your enemy with a blade weapon blood comes out of the hit and when hits the ground gets painted with a bloody red texture.

-Depending on the hit the blood will come out from a place or another.

-When you get hit , and wounded your body will get painted with new hits , so now hitwounds are visible to your body.

-Weapons get painted , so the more heads you chop the more red your sword will be.

-Dust comes out from footsteps , so when there's a lot of gladiators fighting , the fights starts to be a Little blurry .

-When a gladiator falls , falls unconsious or dies the a mount of dust comes out from the fall.

Sounds !

Thanks the chris kukla our composer and audio artist we have new melee fighting sounds , so when flesh gets cut , so a gladiator hit a new sound will be played , to get you addicted to hit teh enemy gladiator .

As well as new sounds from the crowd , that are in process , and new sounds for the melee fighting in process aswell .

All of this and much more that you will be able to discover by yourself , remember to read the demo instructions before playing.

Remember this is just a demo , the full version with rpg , and companions system to have your own little troop and, own money houses, and other valuable properties are on the way , you can make our way easier to develope our game by donating to our paypal .

We've been working on this game for a while now and currently we don't get any profit from this game.

We really want to go steam greenlight and if you want to support us we will greatly if you could donate to our game any amount


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