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Calradia at War is a mod aimed at improving many aspects of Native while staying true to its original design and thematic. All the different factions within Calradia have had a major overhaul to make each and every faction feel unique and distinct from one another. This means many new and faction exclusive items as well as expanded and reworked troop trees. This also extends to bandits and mercenaries, with each region sporting a unique type of outlaw that will prove a far greater challenge to factions than before. Towns are more open and allow for a more strategical approach in sieges (Nords, Vaegirs and Swadians only for now). All Units and Items have been meticulously rebalanced to ensure that every faction is balanced.


Over 100 new high quality items
Reworked troop trees for all major factions, as well as bandits and mercenaries
More distinct and unique factions
New Scenes (Nords and Vaegirs for now)
Stronger Lords and Bandits
Diplomacy - more endgame content

Planned Features:

More Scene Replacements
Dynamic Troop Tree Viewer


Narf's Armour Packs
Native Scene Replacement by The Bowman
Yamabusi's Highlander Models
Shredzorz's 15th Century Weapons Pack
Norman Armour Pack
Sonyer's Pack
Saracen Armour Pack
Diplomacy by Waihti Forums.taleworlds.com

A Huge thanks to the warband modding community for it's abundance of great guides, content and OSPs that have allowed me to create this mod! If you find anything in my mod that i have forgotten to credit please send me a message or leave a comment and i will be sure to add it.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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