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An announement of Kinigits release. Detailing my work scheduel, and the update plan for Kinigits.

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I'm releaseing Kinigits! Its only alpha so please try to remember that when you play. I plan to release two apha builds, two beta builds, a Final release, and two-four (Free) map packs after that.
My reasons for setting these release goals is pretty simple. I don't want to get stuk in a beta grind (Sorta like what mineraft did). I plan on geting into alpha, fixing bugs, then going to beta, applying shinys/fixing shiny bugs, then releasing. The map packs are my plan for controlled user created content but I'll talk more about that at a later date. For now, on to the next topic.

My work scheduel is pretty laxed. I am self employed, I run the Riverview Bed & Breakfast in Bethel, Ak (If you ever find yourself here, just hit me up.). This elastic work scheduel allows me to focus on developing games on an at least part time level, with occasional bursts of full time when needed, so time to work on games is not an issue like it is for most devs. But Bed & Breakfasts arent fantastic on pay, so I'm starting to make games in hopes of the hobby at leastpaying for itself.

Anyway, for those who did not get closed alpha access, a buy in to the alpha will cost you very little as you can see. I hope you enjoy Kinigits and that my long hours of the past and future have not gone to waste. That is all. -Wyatt White, Design By Chris.

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