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Information about the release of my first game, The Official Beta Test.

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The Official Beta Test is a Third Person Adventure Platforming game created in the Unity engine.

There are 5 diverse levels each with their own secret level contained within.

Controls are WASD + Gamepad support.

Each level has it's own style and theme, and a password in the options menu for later play.

A big thank you to the beta testers:

- Max Andrew - Ayden Drake

- Alex Kirby - Alex Coultas

- Michael Hollander - Eden Weimer

- Isaak Christiansen - Ryan Loyd


"Though the controls are slightly awkward and frustrating the Official Beta Test is a decently structured, thought provoking platformer that has its moments of joy and relief immediately shattered by a slip of a ledge. The Official beta test offers 10 unique levels that have different puzzles and multiple solutions.

I'd rate this game:

4/10 graphics

8/10 gameplay

10/10 box puzzles"

- Aids

"It was a grind, but I enjoyed it"

- ChubbyDragonfly

"It was pretty oosh, 8/10"

- TheRealMike

"I enjoyed throwing babies at robots"

- Kirbysaurus

The Story Behind The Name

if you're curious about the reasoning behind the name

one of my friends saw me working on the building in the first level

and asked if I was making it into a game

I half sarcastically said, "yeah, wanna be a part of the Official Beta Test?"

Hard-hitting, I know.

One Last Note:

If you're using a Gamepad, you *might* wanna turn on V-Sync or the camera will be incredibly sensitive

- Joseph Jackson,

The Creator of The Official Beta Test

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