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More Commanders and more personality applied to enemy Commanders. Sub-commanders have also been nerfed.

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  • Fixed Casual through Gold incorrectly loading vanilla difficulty levels
  • Reduce file shadowing with thanks to Wondible
  • Enemy Commanders now utilise individual styles
  • Updated difficulty guidance based on more personality controls being assigned to individual Commanders
  • Updates to Commander personalities
  • Difficulty settings now fully applied to bosses
  • Added four new Commanders to each faction
  • Reduced the effectiveness of all sub-commanders
  • Foundation lean more heavily into naval tech when they can
  • Slight increase in boss difficulty through better economy handling and faster teching
  • Revenants favour land over air
  • Bronze and Silver micro better
  • Silver spends excess resources better
  • Corrected Synchronous only ever building three T1 factories until teching
  • Foundation slightly more likely to use some ground units
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