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A focus on improving bosses, high ecoboost enemies, and adding support for landing policies and shared armies

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  • Enemies account for their eco modifier when teching to T2
  • Bosses and their minions now enjoy an eco boost over surrounding systems
  • Metrarch the Machinist and First Seeker Osiris try to start on a different planet to you
  • The minions of Metrarch the Machinist and First Seeker Osiris try to start on the same planet as you
  • Acolyte Agatho will provide greater ground cover for Inquisitor Nemicus's air
  • Seeker Ankou and Seeker Barastyr now display distinct behaviour from one another
  • Metrarch the Machinist and Servant Aust have personalities reflective of their new spawning behaviours
  • Bronze and Silver start with a slightly lower eco
  • Gold eco ramps up slightly faster
  • Sub-commanders will always try to spawn on the same planet as the player
  • Increased the chance of a FFA occuring at Silver and above
  • Imperator Invictus is now truly legion, spawning multiple copies of itself across multiple worlds to form a single shared army
  • First Seeker Osiris has a greater focus on orbital
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