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In this article, we're spoiling Gradient's release trailer and providing a list of rules within the game.

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First, the release trailer. Super hyped

Second, a link to the Play Store where you can download the game for free.

Third, the game rules clarified:


- Tap on a tile to light it up. Light up the entire board to win.
- Hidden on the board are bombs—tap one and you lose.
- Bomb locations are forecasted by brighter tiles and higher-pitched sounds.


- Bombs cannot spawn directly adjacent (4-way) to another bomb.
- Surrounding a bomb marks it with a flag, revealing and disarming it.
- With just these two rules, solving the puzzle typically involves zero luck.


- The Sun reveals tiles in a radius and shields them from the Moon's effect.
- The Moon hides all tiles (except flags and 'sunlit' tiles) you've revealed so far.
- Finding and activating the Moon early on is crucial for getting quicker times.

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