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Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 | New Features: Pickups, 3 ships, 4 enemies, basic waves.

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The first version of Starkid Fighters is now on IndieDB!

Starkid Fighters

Starkid Fighters is a fast-paced 3D vectorial shooter set in cyberspace. You can currently battle against waves of increasingly intelligent and strange enemies while slowly improving your ship and strategy.
More is to come. A lot more.

Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 - Changelog

  • Added shield regeneration after wave completion
  • Added a few special wave types (more to come!)
  • Added separate options menu
  • Added energy bar on HUD
  • Added control guide in menu
  • Added new menu animations
  • Added shield icon bar on HUD
  • Added engine sound
  • Added game pause when pressing escape instead of immediately exiting
  • Added warning when shields are down
  • Added miscellaneous new sounds
  • Added a fighter configuration menu
  • Added energy and shield pickups, which can be found in asteroids or at level start
  • Added "energy overcharging", where it is possible to get over your max energy using pickups
  • Added new enemy type: Lizard
  • Changed the way boosts work (now velocity change is instantaneous, all boosts for all classes are the same speeds but each has a cool down of one second)
  • Changed room size parameters (no more massive rooms)
  • Changed the player ship model while in first person
  • Changed the minimum wave count for some enemies to start appearing
  • Fixed crashing/freezing bug



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