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Alien Arena 2008 will be released a few days late.

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Sorry, we are going to push the release back a few days. It is true though, that on this site the linux version has been mirrored, and that is the actual game so Moddb folks who follow AA, you get an early treat :) The file hasn't been announced or linked outside of here as of yet. Windows and Mac versions should be ready by middle of next week, and then the actual release announcement will take place.


so sad :D

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Irritant_new Author

Not so sad. This is a monumental release for this game which has received an enormous amount of work since the last version. Delaying the release a couple of days makes alot of sense given that Nexuiz and Warsow both released on the same day. We have alot of confidence in this version, and feel it could be the beginning of something very, very big in freeware gaming. I could post the details of what we have lined up, but I'd rather just let people find out as it happens. The people that love the game will be very pleased, and the people who love to hate the game(I'm pretty sure that you are one of those, correct?) are going to have to pick their jaws up from the floor.

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