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Post news RSS Release of Dust:The Abandoned Land v0.2.0

Adding support for the mouse: aiming, inventory management, crafting and other interactions.

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Hello there,

Today, I release Dust v0.2.0. This update adds support for the mouse for aiming and in the menus (e.g. inventory, crating). This should makes the game feel more reactive and more familiar to many players (Cogmind + mouse, Terraria, CS, etc. :) ). The release also re-balances some mechanics and solves a couple of bugs (see change logs).

aiming demo

As always, the game is available for free!


- Achoum


- Support for the mouse for aiming and in menus. The wheel changes the item in hand.
- Move slower when moving backward.
- Display item / mob / terrain name by putting the mouse on top of it.
- Add icons in game menus.
- Adapt the game “game / screen pixel ratio” automatically. You can still control it manually.
- Still show the current tutorial message when a menu is open.
- Improve / re-balance the spawning rate and count of survivors, bandits, prisoners and military units in cities.
- Reduced the probability for someone to wake up when pick-pocketed from 50% to 25%.


- The game doesn't crash when looking at Polaroid pictures.
- Spider eggs can be destroyed with ranged weapons (e.g. guns).
- Survivors can equip backpacks.
- Survivors will store extra ranged weapons in the base for their teammates to take.
- Survivors won’t keep large stacks of items of the same type in the inventory. Instead, survivors will only keep a small amount (depending on the item) and store the others in the base.

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