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This new release solves several bugs and add some new features.

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This new release solves several bugs and add some new features:

- Translation of the website in French and Swedish
- Translation of the game in French and Swedish
- Addition of meteors when bosses are alive for too long
- Workers are not afraid anymore by players
- All the monsters catch in fire by day
- Great improvement of monsters path finding
- Fixing a crashing bug when the dog was stuck.
- Fixed: You can't anymore get several characters by flooding the "Join button"
- Fixed: Crash when going back to hell where saving after the portal apparition.
- Support of the characters with accents
- You can see the privates messages you sent (website)
- You can return to the lobby when everybody is dead (multi player)
- Tutorial for new players
- Addition of the difficulty selection
In hard difficulty, guns does 33% less damages, monsters are 33% for powerfull and it is always night (except for the first days of cycles).
- Addition of the map type selection

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