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This new release solves several bugs and add some new features.

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This new release solves several bugs and add some new features.
Change log:

- The errors are printed in the file &#xus;erpath%/.buildanddefend/console.log
- The time stop when all the players are dead.
- You can keep pressed a key to automatic repetition of the key (for chat and menu)
- Fixed: When somebody die in hell, the other players can still come back to the normal world
- You can control the camera when you are dead
- Fixed: Illegal character in save file name.
- Fixed: Trees' head don't go anymore though walls
- The name of players are displayed over their heads when the inventory is open
- Fixed: The "teleportation" of the player when using shoes in multiplayer games
- You cannot anymore join a survival mode that has already started
- Gold dropped by monsters is automatically redistributed among the players
- Fixed: Problem of submitting stories of several players
- Meteorites appears if bosses are alive for too long.
- Replace "Quit game" by "Abandon game" in the in-game menu
- Addition of a rain a meteors when a boss is alive for a too long time
- Modification of the monster (player character) model
- Addition of a new character (Linh)
- Addition of the tar (it slows the enemies)

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