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One last update before the holidays! Bug fixes and more world options.

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We wanted to provide one more update to the game before we all go away for our holiday break.

Today we are adding more settings that you can use to modify your worlds, along with some bug fixes. The new settings will allow you to control the lighting values, gravity settings and more!

We hope you have fun with this and let us know how it is working for you. In the new year we promise to role out more features that enable you to further mod your worlds. Look for more updates from the Patterns dev team in 2014!

As always, for the latest news from the devs, visit the official Dev Blog!

Release notes for Patterns Update version 0.05

  • Substance editor new pack starts with sample flat color textures
  • Changed button in options screen from "Substance Pack" to "Scene Selection"

Added four categories of settings used to customizing your worlds (you can find this in the same menu where you choose a Substance pack):

  • Gravity multiplier
  • Build gravity multiplier
  • Creatures allowed


  • Cloud on/off
  • Other planets on/off
  • Sun and moon on/off
  • Override day/night cycle
  • Sky color gradient control
  • Fog color control
  • Fog distance settings


  • Direct light color
  • Direct light intensity
  • Bounce light color
  • Bounce light intensity
  • Ambient light color


  • Post effects
  • SSAO blur
  • SSAO radius

Bug fixes

  • Cosmos log-ins no longer fail when passwords start with #
  • Substances no longer have default pack properties with new packs
  • Fixed occasional hang at 35% when loading
  • Fixed changing pack name and uploading problems
  • Fixed problem where rocket bomb does not explode
  • Fixed problem with line breaks in substance titles causing problem
  • Substance Packs can no longer be named Patterns as this created problems with loading default packs
  • Removed confusing button for saving substance pack in game
  • Fixed sounds that play repeatedly when placing shape

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