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Last two days have been really busy for the team, here you have the last fixes made to the game.

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Last two days have been really busy for the team, here you have the last fixes made to the game.

We will now also be structuring things a bit better since we received a few volunteer offers on the testing grounds. So, we’ll get them to test the hell out of a patch first then when it looks like all is well we will release. Up until now it was beta testers who tested for us and we never had any dedicated testers to actually take this off of the coders hands. The coders work insane hours and they can’t always test for everything, BUT, now the testers can :)

Also Please report any Bugs on our Forums

-Large objects placement fixed (doors, combinator, closet. etc...).
-Wires placement fixed.
-Invisible crash-pod fixed.
-Research points are now properly updated in the crafting tab when changed.
-Fixed an issue with the starter tar buckets not giving the empty bucket back after crafting.
-Crafting a crossbow will now consume the bow required in the recipe.
-When the player dies while jumping they will no longer "float to the heavens".
-Game music and sounds will now return to the right volume after an unpause.
-Fixed the game not pausing sometimes when going to the menu.
-The ESC key will now close the UI/Keyboard layout screens.
-Fixed not being able to attack monsters in front of devices.
-Torch will now swing properly when your mouse is over terrain but you are too far to place it.
-When using a bucket to gather fluids it will now take away some of the fluid in the world.
-Placement of foreground/background blocks and platforms now requires something to be to the left/right/top/bottom.
-Glass Tank can now be placed (currently only functions as a container, will be changed in the future).
-The player will no longer start to automatically run if you happen to press SHIFT/CTRL/ALT while trying to move.
-LampPost1 is now able to be placed.
-Fixed crash on game exit.
-Tar pits are more shallow now, making the chances of getting stuck in one pretty slim.
-Gas Jar image no longer looks like an empty jar.
-Jumping off a cliff into fluid won't kill you anymore after you step back onto dry land.
-Missing icons fixed for a bunch of items.
-Fixed the amount of enemies spawned in the higher tiers.
-Fixed an issue with text boxes typing backwards sometimes.
-Raised player's starting health from 50 to 100.
-Game events (treasure chests/camps/crash pods) should now spread out a bit more when randomly generated.
-Stone and Powergauge images updated.
-Fixed a bug where reaching the next crafting tier would sometimes yield unexpected behavior.
-New item added in research: PoulticeHealing.
-Wraiths and Big Bugs will now respect line of sight.
-The options button during a game pause has been temporarily disabled while we resolve an issue with it.



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Thank you for this awesome game and this update .

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