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The release of Revenge of the Fallen is here, now it's time to speak about the next Update. Read all the details of what has changed and what will change.

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Revenge of the Fallen Release!

Revenge of the fallen is out now and it's time to say thank you to my awesome test team that helped me, making this awesome game! But I was not lazy, I have worked a lot on the game so here are some changes.

1. Improved Performance and Player Movement
-> I have optimized the code and the Player Controller/Physics, the new Version runs smoother and the controlls are more direct and natural.

2. Terrain/Landscape improvement.
-> I'm currently working on one part of the terrain to gain more detail and a better look. This is the area that will get improved:

In addition, there are other minor bugfixes.

What comes in the near future? (zhe order does not reflect the release order nor the importance)

  • Storymode
  • NPCs
  • more detailed world
  • bigger world
  • improved Launcher and Update checker for the standalone version
  • more gameplay content for the freeroam mode

Update Release: ~ 15. - 20. January 2014

And here is a clean overview of the Gameworld (each building is complete, freely explorable):


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