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In the highly unlikely chance that you stop by here instead of the game profile, we're currently celebrating (and feverishly working) after the first two major releases of Spring:1944 - Koltso (v0.9), followed by a patched release, Konstantin (v0.92).

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Happy days, releases are go!

Busy busy busy, but so far so good - since release last Wednesday the 28th, we've had over 1700 player hours (two players play for 30 minutes = 1 player hour) just from people who already had the Spring Engine. Now that we've made a patched version and an installer, we're advertising to the wider world. If you are owner of a site and would like to put our work up there - please do! If you know of a great place for us to advertise, which wouldn't mind a little marketing, let us know.

Here's hoping this thing goes exponential!

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