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A brief description on how I'm currently imagining the game, and it's layout

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Hello everyone, Error 4516's release date is coming closer and closer each day. The game is coming along very well in my eyes, and I will be releasing a demo soon. Although, the length of the levels is quite small, I hope to add more content in the future. I've been thinking about making the game have ten nights, instead of just one week, due to the shortness of the levels. Doing this will prolong the development time, pushing the release date back, by maybe at the most three to two weeks.

I'm happy to announce that the first two levels have been completed, and are fully working. The Game will be released probably, in the summer of 2016. I have a lot of things to do before releasing it to the public. If you're interested in the game, and it's development, you can check out my YouTube channel which I will include a link to. I will be posting a video soon, which is related to the game.

That pretty much wraps up this update for you, so enjoy the Holidays no matter where you are. I will see you guys later. Have a good day!

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