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Bannerlord ADVANCED for a better life and better campaigns!

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This mod will add some simple features that will enhance the gameplay of bannerlord singleplayer, im no designer so i wont add any items/armors etc so please dont even ask that, what i am gonna do is that i will add simple features using code. The features that im gonna add are personal that, while i was playing i wanted to have. The mod will be released once i get my hands on the modding tools from TaleWorlds.


The following featuers will be 100% in the mod IF taleworlds doesnt add them before full game release lol:

1) AI lords will be able to execute between them and will be able to execute the player too IF (this happens for everyone) they have relations -30 with you there will be a chance 25% they will execute, 25% they will duel you to death ( if you kill them you are free and they are dead, if they kill you, you are dead) 50% chance you remain their prisoner. If you have honor trait then you will get more chance to dont get executed, if you are merciless, everyone hates you(many -50 relations) they will kill you asap, or maybe they will 1v1 you.

2) The player will be able to 1v1 prisoners, EVERY PRISONER troops included to death, be aware that you will die if you lose, same happens for everyone. If you 1v1 instead of executing you will gain honor and lose less relations.

3) If you execute someone you will lose less relations with their FACTION, more with THEIR CLAN and if their faction are at war with your faction you will gain reputation with your faction, if you dont have a faction/ your are a mercenary you will lose reputation and be considered a criminal but repuation loss will be little.


1) less kids, less probability.

2) different/modified mercenary system and more rewarding


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