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Post news RSS Release 0.62.0 - Animation and Effects

Added Animation System, a Person Generator, Door systems, Effects and much more.

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Release Video

Updates in this Iteration

In this iteration a complete new Animation System has been added. It were massive changes, so sadly the old save games will not work anymore :(.

New Animation System

I worked a lot on the animation system, so its now also possible to add animations to buildings. Till now this was very hard, due to several operations on them to fit them to the circle.

As an first building, the photovoltaic panels got an animation. When the building is done, they unfold a bit. Than they will unfold the amount of solar panels depending on the usage of the panels, so the player can directly see the current usage.

Spin System

I also completely redo the spinning systems, so the landing of the ships could match better. The Shuttle Bay is rotated due to that 180° to turn in the other direction.


To make the ships dock on the generation ship more realistic, i added some engine effects to them.

Inflatable Wall animations

The Inflatable walls were improved. Its now inflating starting from the walkway step by step, instead of all at once. Its also covering high buildings completely and is better animated.

Animated Doors

The old doors were just shown and hidden when it was needed. Due to the new animation system, it was now possible to build way better doors. They look like elevator doors and

Person Animation

I also worked on the person animation, there is just a dying and working animation added for now, but more will come in the next iteration. This iteration, the focus was on making it work in general, so more can be added fast and easy. The Buildings will now have Animation Action Points, where the person will perform an animation and the different person activities can have also their own animation.

Person Models

Due to the iteration is already breaking the old save games, i decided to also try out another breaking change. A Generator for the Persons, to make them look better and players can difference easier between them. They are generated at live runtime with different DNA, Cloths and colors. The animations are baked into it like at the buildings, so they can run very performant on the gpu.

Other smaller changes

  • Fixed Bug when skipping tutorials (thanks to Oogah for report)
  • Fixed Main menu of Error Popup is not closing the popup (thanks to Itchao for report)
  • Added one comma number to percent values (thanks to Itchao for the hint)
  • Fixed Camera bounds for big buildings
  • Sabatier Module is now an energy consumer

Wishlist now

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