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Air Leaking - Condition Overlay - New Building: Sabatier Module - Consultant Tabs - Environment Submodule - Better Tutorial Marker - Improved Environment - Steam.

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Release Video

Updates in this Iteration

It was a bit a longer time since the last update than usual. The reason is simple, we launched our Steam page and created tons of graphics for it. We will still stay on itch for the next iterations.

Air Leaking

If the condition of a building falls below 20%, the building will leak air to space. To prevent that, the building can be dismantled. The inflatable Walls will prevent the air moving out then. Its easy to see what buildings, causing the leak, by an Event Popup at the right side (also pausing the timewarps) and some effects on the buildings.

Condition Overlay

A new Overlay was added, to see fast what buildings need attention. It colorizes the buildings to visualize the condition. If the condition is low, the building will not work not so effective anymore. This happens over time, and in high humidity environments and can be fixed by maintenance.

New Building: Sabatier Module

The Sabatier process creates Methane and Water out of Hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Hydrogen can be already generated by the electrolytics module, so now it's possible to generate methane in the ship. Another closed cycle :)

Consultant Tabs

Before, if multiple consultants wanted to talk to the player at the same time, they just queue up. Now they get a tab at the side, so the player is able to switch to them.

Environment Submodule

A new consultant has been also added, leading the player to build the first Life Support for the first Leader Task.

Better Tutorial Marker

Additional to the "Where" Button in the tutorial, highlighting the elements where the tutorial belongs to, a new "permanent" highlight was added. This should make it easier to find.

Improved Environment

Added a nicer sun and improved the earth by adding an atmosphere and custom shutters.


We added a basic support for steam, so the Username in Savegames and Highscore is the Steam-Name by default if steam is running. More Steam features will follow soon, now just a fast tryout till everything is set up well. This will be also the first release on Steam Playtest.

Other smaller changes

  • Updated Icon, Spashscreen and Title-Gfx
  • Make the shortcut-area hidable in the options
  • Highscores are now shared between patch-versions
  • Fixed problem on High humidity and 0 condition
  • Improved Legends so multipe legends can be shown
  • Fixed UI-Problem in Options
  • Fixed that Aging is not restarted after condition reached 0
  • Make the Error-Popup more clean with an option to see all transfered data
  • Merge UserContainer-Entries when there are several, to prevent overflowing on big ships
  • Fixed internal Walkway-Door rotations
  • Fixed freeze when pressing ESC while intro
  • Prevent Resize of UnderConstruction on high speed when builders do something else
  • Added Header for Efficiency Calculation
  • Fixed Bug where non-construction storages were connected to constructions
  • Added antialiasing

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