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News of my upcoming Amnesia custom story! Included is a summary of the story, what the custom story will be, and on an unrelated note I will be looking for people to assist in the scripting of the custom story.

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Hello Amnesia modders!
I joined ModDB about two months ago now so as to have greater access to Amnesia custom stories. After playing through quite a few, I wanted very much to create my own. I wanted to create a story-intensive custom story, and I went to work early last April. Now, I've finished the layout of all of the maps, detailing and revising necessary, but I'd really like someone with a bit more experience with scripting Amnesia custom stories to assist in the development of the custom story. A summary of the setting and events leading up to the game follows:

1845 was a harsh year for Germany, suffering a great depression, poor harvests, and rising inflation. Vincent Hartmann was a renowned scientist and philanthropist, however he was afflicted by a fatal illness which would eventually take his life. As his condition worsened, he had given up on traditional medicine and expended many different, more unconventional treatments to no avail. He had just about given up when something was brought up to him by a colleague. He had very little interest in religion, but the idea of reincarnation piqued his curiosity. After tearing through various books and scrolls, he dug up a rather ancient piece of information. The orb carried by buddha in his various sculptures traced back to an ancient artifact which was able to carry a person's soul while it was between bodies. Hartmann brought together many of his colleagues in order to discover the means to immortality.

Now, I will elaborate further what objectives the game entails, but understand that the person who joins must have at least a basic knowledge of puzzles, machines, timers, and things of that nature.

I wish to reiterate that the game will be short, lasting probably one to two hours but the storyline should be fulfilling, and may involve customizations in items, music, sound, and npc threats.

Link to page: Moddb.com

Thank you,

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