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Kingdom's Reign & Rule has now had it's name changed to just Reign & Rule for simplicity. What's been added: Lighting, the Map, biome base code and Castles.

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Greetings, time for update number two~

So, what have I been working on? Well, the main thing is the Map, this has been throwing some unexpected bugs, so I thought that, while I'm fixing bugs, I may as well just implement the entire thing rather than leave the other 50% for later. The actual size of battlefields is now 4 times bigger so to compensate for the large castles I've added. Castles have been added \o/. Lighting has also received a well needed work over.


So this is the glorious map! I've tried to make it easy to figure out so that it doesn't need explaining, but I'll explain anyway.
Brown Lines: Roads
Blue Lines: Rivers
Grey Blocks: Castles
Fountain: Spring
Colourful ground: The Kingdom colour which owns that land.
Red Dots: Where the player can attack during his turn.
Red Square: The cursor.
Banner: Which kingdoms turn it is.

So while this may not seem like a lot of work to implement, it is actually hiding all the AI code and Battle generation and Commander selection under it. Basically, the map is currently able to:
Make the AI attack or defend and choose a commander to do so.
Determine the outcome of the AI's battles.
Allow the player to attack.
Allow the player to choose which commanders to defend with.

Generation-wise, battlefields have been made 4 times larger to cope with big structures, this has caused some minor speed issues which need to be dealt with.
The base code for biomes has been added, all that's left is for the generator to actually put the biome data to use.

And Finally, The moment you've all been waiting for!

Well, yeah, they aren't so impressive, I have to keep them pretty flat for view purposes right now, but I may experiment with heights and junk. The screen shot doesn't show much of the inside due to it being under construction. But the lighting and shadows from the arches look pretty cool, which leads us onto...

So, I added the basic light engine for creating sources of light other than the sun, take a look:

Camp fires now have light area around them. Now it may seem like over kill to make a basic lighting engine just for camp fires but this means that I can now add all sorts of light sources to the game, like candles and what not. Implementing this functionality actually caused most of the rest of the 3d engine to break, which meant repairs. But I got it right in the end, and I think it will be worth it.

That's all I have for this week!

(Oh shoot, I forgot it's Christmas...)


you're doing a very nice job

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