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The following is a request and some information regarding "The striker: Chapter III - Revenge of the Workers"

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As you know, chapters I and II are up, and also as you know, I am aiming to make "The striker" a trilogy. The name of the next Chapter will be "Revenge of the Workers", which means the monsters will try to revenge you. But...

I need ideas. I do not know where the monsters will revenge you, and I also don't know how. Will it be an ambush? Will it be a home invasion? So what I want from you is to leave a comment anywhere on this page or on any of my youtube videos, suggesting ideas.

Also, I am kind of fed up with making these chapters, because I will be forced to work on a certain storyline and mechanics (the monster kill mechanic), so creation of Chapter III will be delayed, I will focus on another mod for the time being and ch3 may be delayed for a long time, so you and I have time to think of a solution for the problem mentioned above.

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