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We are Back, Better - more focused style and strict dev cycle Badder - More Gore, humor, and WAY more weapons to come Stronger - More Experience due to taking more time to learn the dev cycle

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After almost a year on the back burner RedRock is back and is closer to the original vision by DylaNemesis.

The game now has a fun cartoon art style to help stick out among all the dark and gloomy zombie games
how are we different
well i like to think that we will be more of a comedy zombie survival focusing on dark humor and !!BUCKETS OF BLOOD!!! wooo need to calm down there seesh, well like i said what more fun than a good zombie killing? a nice !!GOREFEST!!

We plan to have several LifeLess (our zombies not zombie name) types like:

  • walkers (I know I know but hey its a good show) our standard type
  • Hoppers - Zombie Furries because hey they are people too (well were)
  • Riots - some big arse mother zombers (zombers now a word your welcome)
  • Pudge Muffins - well the fatties where probably the first to go seeing as how they probably couldn't outrun a corpse
  • and more to come

Weapon crafting
hmm... hockey stick + barb wire... well this is obvious

Awesome PVP
Awesome PvE

and hopefully a fun time for the whole family (psst. bring grandma)

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