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New project have started! Red Assault is a combination of Tower Defence and RTS game.

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2008 - War in Georgia. Few countries from Baltic states sends their presidents to support Georgian side in conflict with Russia.

2010 - Rising tensions between NATO and Russia due to joint US-European Missile Defence Shield

2012 - Installation of US Missile Shield components in Southern Poland and Czech Republic.

2013 - Arrival of 5000 US personel to set-up Patriot missile defences in Polish borders. Russia responds with deployment of Scud and Iskander missiles in its Kaliningrad exclave.

2014 - Second Georgian War have started by shelling Ossetian villiages by unknown forces. Russia quickly mobilizes their forces and begin to destory targets that are threatening peace in the region,
Georgian Army base is attacked - 450 casualties.
NATO Responds by sending military supplies to Georgia and builds up Polish and Baltic states borders with large land forces.
Russian side mobilizes their troops to its own mainland border.

That was the storyline behind Red Assault.
More information about Gameplay soon.

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