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The latest version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been released!

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Can you feel it comrades?

The latest and best version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been released!

Much time has been put into improving the game, and the APB development team is glad to finally make it available. Before you rush off to downloading, have a quick rundown of what has changed from the previous Gamma version.

post-14-1148300394.gifA Path Beyond Deltapost-14-1148300354.gif


  • Naval combat has been reintroduced
  • Snipers reintroduced
  • Tech Level determined at the start of the round
  • Tech Level unit structure reworked
  • Sprinting has been added, which is done by holding [Shift]
  • Regeneration has been added; Infantry will recover to 75% of their health, armour remains depleted.
  • Aiming penalties factor in; Standing, running, crouching and jumping will affect your accuracy.
  • Team info/base info popups bound to B and M
  • Updated models for several infantry and vehicles
  • Updated textures for infantry, vehicles, and buildings
  • Jukebox feature added
  • Substantial performance improvements
  • Maps have been vastly revamped and improved; in fact, have some previews!

The maps contained in this release (click for big)


  • and more! Much more features and improvements, which you'll have to see in-game!

Both the staff members and testers have worked very hard to make this possible, and it's thanks to them we are here today! It has been a pleasure to work on this, and it has been a blast to test and play this extensively. We hope you enjoy this update.

In order to play the game, you must first download the W3D Hub Launcher. From there, you can install Red Alert: A Path Beyond, as well as receive future updates and patches.


See you on the battlefield!


sounds like an nice update. I like it that you have improved the infantry combat a bit, that has always been the weakest bit of this game

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Infantry maps are mad fun to play now. Whether you were a fan of those or were not before, it is quite an improvement.

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Anyone playing right now?

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As I see from the launcher, 12 players are currently in the server, and more are joining. Come play!

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Hmmm, I do miss Renegade.

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Cool update! I hopped on eralier today around 3:30 PM (EST). Loads of fun!

Are there any usual game times?

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Why i can't download APB from W3D ? I want download but game did installation failed (Files in pending) !! Help me brothers

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