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Post news RSS Recruits Alpha v0.04 (Mission, Weapons and Multiplayer Updates)

This version of the alpha includes a wide range of fixes and changes, new weapons, effects and performance increases.

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Recruits Alpha v0.04 is ready to download and play now!

Desura Digital Distribution

In this version of Recruits we have done major updates to our code and environments. There were a few missions in need of lots of love, so Mission 2 and 3 have been dramatically fixed and changed to play and perform a lot better than previously. Make sure you try these mission out, we have unlocked all the missions in the menu so anyone can play any mission they choose.

New Weapons

In mission 2 there is now a Bow and Arrow that can be used to quietly take out enemies from a greater distance. Its a cool little weapon, the arrow get stuck in objects and you have the ability to charge up the weapon to cover more distance if needed.

An updates to our Airstrike ability (Required in Mission 3) give the airstrike a more powerful feel, making it much more realistic. The missile from the plane now comes in at a higher speed and really gives the illusion of heavy firepower from above. Take a look at the video below for it in action.

Multiplayer Update

If you follow our twitter, you might have seen that we have just done a successful multiplayer test. So now we are working on getting everything all nice and set up for everyone to test our in the coming versions of Recruits on Desura.

Alpha 0.04 Change Log

    • Bow and Arrow Weapon
    • New props
    • New vegetation
    • cloth effects
    • more performance
    • more realistic Airstrike
    • new menu scene
    • new tips for new objectives
    • Level 01 - Vegetation
    • Level 02 - Entire layout restructure
    • Level 03 - MIssion restructure
    • levels to be more optimised
    • C4 objective bugs with C4 placement
    • Flame thrower Bugs when firing
    • Stealth detection issues (still some around)
    • Survival HUD issues while in a tank
    • Zero sound effects bug
    • chicken grunt noises

As always :) Follow Us on:

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Thanks for your support!

maybe i`ll be able to pass that mission 2 at last ;)

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I think that the airstrike looks more like a mortar, personally.

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Hmmm nice but I wonder in the futures will allow,us to driver chopper :), never regret support this game

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3dRobbo Author

There you go:

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Good, I can't wait to test this ASAP :D

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