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This version of the alpha includes a wide range of fixes and changes, but mainly updates and reworks to missions 1 and 2. FLAMETHROWER VIDEO!

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Recruits Alpha v0.035 is ready to download and play now!

Desura Digital Distribution

In this version of Recruits we have dramatically changed the Stealth Mission (mission 2). Before it was a bit confusing and weird, but now you have a clear set of objectives.

To stealth, or not to stealth:
In Recruits we aim to have every mission complete able no matter how you tackle it, for example a stealth mission... if you stealth it, it will be a lot easier to complete, but you are able to just run in and blow everything up. It would just raise an alarm and force you to fight off more and more enemies. I think this is a very good feature. I don't like it when you get a big Mission Failed sign when you are just doing the mission the way YOU want to do it.

So in Recruits we are testing out the idea of only getting a failed mission when you surrender or when you die. Look out for this in future levels and let me know what you think! Its all new to us aswell so join in the fun and discuss below!

Feature time:

The other thing major we have added, which we want to be a core gameplay element of Recruits, is the act of being 'extracted' from a level. So we all know there is perma death right... (you loose your level up progress for a recruits hen they die) and if you surrender in the pause menu, you pretty much allow yourself to be captured... loosing your stats. Well, if you want to quit a mission now, you can go back to your spawn point and press 'use' and call for extraction where you will light a flare and a helicopter will pick you up.

Later on we have the aim to add in special unockable abilities that allow you to be extracted from anywhere on the map making it easier to get out of the battlefield without loosing your men. This will hopefully prevent people (like myself) quitting levels and repeating them with little to no consequences.

Change Log:

    • Added squad panel to left side of screen with TAB
    • C4 Objectives
    • Chickens
    • mission end effects and sounds
    • recruit extraction at spawn point
    • Mission 1 layout and design
    • Mission 2 layout and design
    • Mission Briefings for Missions 1 and 2
    • Mission briefing screen
    • Player Health to be lower by default
    • FXAA settings
    • O for objectives shortcut
    • Stealth sound pickups
    • claymore mesh
    • enemy and player hit sounds
    • tips
    • weapon pickup bugs for duplicating old meshes

New WIP Video

And for your viewing pleasure, a video from some updated Flamethrower Code and Effects.

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Thanks for your support!


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