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Elysian Fields is looking for more Team Members and Help Vote for us in the 1th annual Mod of the Year awards

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Greetings Everyone who tracks this mod and those who have just found it

Basic Introduction in-case you do not know me, i am Madiba127 and i am the Lead Developer for both Fall of Nations and Elysian Fields, i tend to do coding mostly but i also model buildings once in a while

So The reason behind this post is that we are looking for some more members for the team, the roles are listed below :)
How To apply Will be at the end

Graphic Artists:
This role means you will be designing the graphics for the mod, unit icons mainly and some call teasers and things like that

Although we are allowed to use The Halo Soundtracks as per the GCR, it would be nice to have our own tracks to use, i have one artist but its always nice to have more then 1 and mods are a good way of getting yourself known

The Most important Thing for Mods is models, and we are looking for people who can help in their creation.
Those who want to show off and get known now is the chance, and even those who are just starting can join

Texture Artists:
I can't texture at all and I'm pretty sure you don't want grey structures in game, so that's why we are looking for some artists to help out, this can come hand in hand with being a modeler

How To Apply
There is two ways you can apply
1) Send a PM to Madiba127 here on ModDB
2) Apply on the EF Forums: Forum.madiba127studios.com

When You apply Please include these simple things
1: User-Name
2: Experience
3: Samples of your work

As per the time of Year its the ModDB Mod of the Year award, so Help Cote for us, it would be very nice to be voted in ;)
Mod of the Year Awards


PS: I Leave you with this image


why a image from reach ?

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Madiba127 Author

random google image, just felt like it because it looked cool

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Because it doesnt have to be Reach. Many planets looked like this as the Covenant glassed them.

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i meant why from the reach concepts maybe there was a specific reason behind it, ughh kids these days

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I will vote for it if you stick to the original canon!

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Madiba127 Author

that's the plan, story is not based from the games or books but we are trying to keep it in touch with the canon
as for units, we might mix it up to try and get more units to play with :)

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I see I see. Well, Im personally still sticking to the original stuff, basicly the four or five first books and Halo 1, 2 and 3. The rest of it has clearly undergone changes to make the games sell more, which is really saddening to someone who atleast used to be a big fan.

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I would vote for if you remove the ****** black palican and the black banshee pls

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Madiba127 Author

that was a build not made by the current team, we are redoing everything so nothing in that build will be moved to the current

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