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Set in a place not affected by anything, even if it's the end of the universe, Recesses of Dilemma is a first-person open world puzzle exploration game with a pinch of crafting.

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Hey everyone! It's been a while, I've been really busy with work so I couldn't find the time to post some news about "Recesses of Dilemma". On top of that my laptop is having some issues, I'm planning to send it to the warranty but that unfortunately means I won't be able to work on the game for at least a month. I'd feel bad to further delay news about the game so I wrote this devlog.

In short, "Recesses of Dilemma" will be a first-person puzzle exploration game with a pinch of crafting, as for the horror aspect taking aside the fear of unknown I'm still pretty much unsure whether there will be any at all. The game is still pretty much a testing grounds blockout and the story I have in mind is still pretty vague but briefly the game will be set in a place not affected by anything, even if it's the end of the universe.

These are some of the things I'm working on:

  • Improved the starting room.

  • Improved the interaction system by adding icons.
  • Added an inspect option to the interaction system.

  • Programmed fall death.
  • Added a flashlight.
  • Blocked out the living room and kitchen.
  • All drawers and shelves can be opened.

Recesses LivingKitchen

  • Improved the ocean shader.
  • Underwater post-process and distortion.
  • Improved the post-process by adding a transition between underwater and outside.
  • Added rain.
  • Added an oxygen bar representing how much oxygen you have left.
  • Programmed swimming fish within an area.


  • Working on how to best randomly instantiate some underwater objects and plants.
  • Expanded the underwater terrain( and I will make it even bigger).
  • Added a power generator sustaining all the lights in the apartment building.

  • Added an oven and working on a cooking system in which you combine multiple ingredients to form a dish by dragging and dropping items from the inventory to the appropriate slots.
  • Modelled a shovel and planning to add maps scattered in the level indicating the location of treasures.
  • Fish can only be caught with a hand net, when trying to catch them empty-handed they slide away.
  • Reprogrammed the inventory in order to hold skeletal meshes( that essentially means you can have living creatures inside it, for now only fish).
  • Blocked out some secret rooms.
  • Started experimenting with randomly generated voices for characters since both text to speech and voice over aren't currently affordable options, for starters I'm planning to have something similar to "The Sims" but more serious.
  • Composed some experimental music.

Started sculpting some characters and assets:

  • Female main character.
  • Humanoid crow npc.
  • Gigantic water worm npc.
  • Fish.
  • Rocks.
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