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Here at Zearsoft, things have changed since last time, so I would like to take some time in telling you about this.

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Zearsoft is a small indie game development company, currently with 3 members (2 are on the IndieDB website, the other, however, is not). Today, I would like to talk about recent updates that have been happening in Zearsoft.

So, first of all, I would like to happily announce the Acidicfriend and someone else outside of IndieDB have decided to join me, which I think is very good news. They joined through our job post. Both are composers, and should really help in the development at Zearsoft. I'm glad to have them on board.

The next thing is that I am currently working on a website, where all of Zearsoft's games will be posted, obviously so you can quickly check on updates. This website will have a News page, a page for each and every game, so it will prove much more useful. If you check regularly, you will get to know more on Liberius.

To conclude this, I would like to announce that Liberius has an estimated release date of March 2014! This may seem like quite a distance away, but it may appear even earlier than that, at least, I hope so.

Thank you for reading this quick update from Zearsoft,

- Haydn Sawyer (Leikaru)

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