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Hey guys, I'm one of the artists working on the characters for Rebirth and below is the male lead that we have thus far. It's more or less a finished product after 4 or 5 iterations we went through, although some things, like textures, may change as production goes on.

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He's been out on his own for a while, so we wanted to give him more of a dingy-and-dirty-but-not-quite-homeless look; we'll probably end up getting some more grime in there before he's finished. Our guy is pre-rigged, so once that's integrated, that will probably be the next big character update we get up here.

Speaking of which, the way we're having the character rigs- and much of the environment art- set up is by using a modular workflow, which - if you haven't the slightest what that is - will allow us to give all of our characters one rig and essentially create custom characters in-engine by switching out their clothes, body parts, etc. We'll also integrate a variety of walk cycles and other animations for males, females, different body types and whatnot, so everyone will have their own personalities, although they use the same rig. Characters will still move independently of each other and be able to do their own thing; it's just more of an efficient way of doing things than creating 10 different kinds of jackets where maybe two would suffice with a few texture variations.

If my crazed ramblings are making no sense, hopefully they become more clear in the coming weeks. For now I'll leave you with the tl;dr version = we're working smarter not harder. (But we're still working pretty hard. :-)


Looks awesome, but you might want to add a stain or two on that light-coloured shirt...I doubt it would stay clean with him being on his own so long.

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sofabound00 Author

thanks for the comment! and I agree- there's some dirt and smudges in there but he still looks a bit too clean for the length of time he's been out, so I'll definitely be throwing some more stains on him before he's completely finished.

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