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Hi everyone, we are happy to bring the mod up to a open alpha state and you can now download it from here.

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The mod is still work in progress(Mostly due to us working on this part time if not bored).

The World of Thalia

In this world you will meet generic humans but also some of fantasy races like elves. The first startdate will start you off in 460 A.D when Empire of Telmar starts expanding, fighting feudals and tribes alike.

Dwarfs are planned to be added later since they are like always, quite useless.

In the central eastern plains you have the elves who hate each other just like the humans hate each other. Their biggest realm is Empire of Elvari Imperium if they manage to survive of course.

From Late Antiquity to Renaissance you will have plenty of time to do whatever you want and make the world how you want it to be.

Future Development

Since the mod is now in open alpha phase,we will continue working on it here and there,there are still lots of missing additions that will take time to implement,but if you have any feedback we are happy to hear it!

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