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YES! We got real time maps!! This is only limited to levels 3-4 for the moment, levels 1-2 (intro) are also on realtime... don't know what im talking about?? Well let me explain, when i say real time i mean that if you leave a stage and head to another one, happening will still occure in the old

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YES! We got real time maps!!

This is only limited to levels 3-4 for the moment, levels 1-2 (intro) are also on realtime... don't know what im talking about??

Well let me explain, when i say real time i mean that if you leave a stage and head to another one, happening will still occure in the old map, for example:

You tell 2 ally pals to wait by on level 3 and you head to level 4, enemies are spawning on level 3 but what the heck... if you head to level 4 , level 3 freezes... WRONG!! You pals will still be in level 3 waiting for you and informing you about their situation, your on level 4 and monsters will still spawn on level 3 attacking your pals you once thought were ok... with this technique we are now able to have a real life working ambience making gameplay much more realistic, but also making it a real bitch.

Enemy A.I. Modifications
Enemies now climb walls and follow player no matter how he tries to hide.
Enemies can now be thrown off a wall by shooting them or burning them with flamethrower, when on the floor they'll get back up and attack player.
Enemies on walls try to avoid players gunfire.
Enemies off walls try to throw player to the floor and take advantage of this during fight.
Enemies now disarm soldiers or player by hitting him on the arm, player must then change weapon or pick up his tossed weapon. Allies/soldiers after being disarmed use their sideweapon, after the fight they pick up the tossed gun.

Friendly A.I. Modifications
Friendlies now sell their weapons instead of giving them away, depending on the level/situation (green,yellow,red) they will change selling parameters such as duplicating the price when in a code red situation.
Friendlies now follow enemies with gunfire in any direction.
Friendlies now accept to follow player in some situation (they might add a price to it though)
Weak friendlies try to retreat when heavily wounded. (if they manage to retreat they follow a determined path until reaching a medic or doctor)
Exosuit soldier added to friendlies with new "Tank AI" (covers other friendlies and fires at enemies qithout mercy)
Added rocket and Flamethrower to exosuit soldier.
When a friendly dies during a fight, when the fight is over, squad leader heads to the soldiers body and checks for pulse, if there are several deads then he does that in the order they died.
When friendlies get in gunfight with rogue soldiers, they have several lines in which they try to convince the rogue soldier to give up.
Squad leader prefers killing himself with a grenade killing enemies in thee process than dying without any frag.
When squad leader dies, squad members choose another squad leader depending on rank.

Neutral AI
Colonists run and dodge enemies.
Colonists can arm themselves with wrenches, surgery tools and fire weapons (if found)
When colonists are armed with weapons they usually become Friendlies, but in some situations they go rogue.
Colonists protect each other by screaming each time they see an enemy, others react to the .wav sound and run away from enemy, if a weapon is close by then they arm themselves at the first sight of enemy
Colonists sell weapon and resources cheaper than UEF troopers.

Future A.I Mods
I want to add the ability for the enemies to toss objects at the player or soldier. (this would also be added to friendly and neutral AI)
I also want to add to friendly AI the ability to open doors and check other locations or levels, they wouldnt wander too far alone though and if they spot an enemy they radio the rest of the team.( this would be possible thanks to the real time capabilities of my new engine.
The ability for enemies to rip limbs of a terminal player or friendly.(location based damage)
Colonists closing off areas to protect themselves from further enemy infestation, of course we would add a vent system so that you can go to these sealed areas if you need to complete missions in them, this would be completely AI produced reaction, that means that colonists can pretty much seal off any corridor, lab or hanger they consider a threat.
Colonists informing each other of their situation through radio com, of course this would be scripted and limited, such as:

Colonist saw an enemy in a supposed safe area , Wav file plays with the colonists portrait "I see something, come quick!"
Colonist gets attacked by enemy , wav file plays with colonists portrait " The bitch got me!" or "Arghh!"
Colonists might even state comentaries on radio com such as "Damn UEF, they were supposed to save us!" "I wish my momma could see me frag these bitches..." "Am i dead yet?" "Where are we"

Other colonists would respond on radio com (scripted) "I'm going, get a gun and stay put!" "Run!" "Fight back!" "You sure say worthless Sh*t"

UEF soldiers would also have their private radio com channel where they would have similar comunications, without the wussing out that is...

Game Mods
-Physics engine done, splashing fire effects done, explosion effects done
-All I want to focus myself on right now is on finishing the 5th and 6th stage, adding them to realtime with stage 3 and 4. Opening certain areas to connect level 3 with level 6 through a bunk door.
-Engines working great, with enemies respawning at greater rates and stronger after a certain amount of time, IE: every 10 minutes enemies HP is higherd by 20, every 20 minutes respawn rate and number goes + 2.
-Player can enter exosuit after obtaining a code from a colonist.
-Exosuit is a huge advantage, but it has little ammo and has to be reloaded often.
-Added new specific characters, at some point in the game you'll get to play as them and experience hell spawn battles.
-Added channel 13 to the radio com where Signora Dona preaches about hell and about humanities limits in comprehension. This channel eventually fades off on level 6 in med lab ventilation system, but I expect to revive the channel by level 8, where Signora Dona will keep on preaching even though all colonists have died, including her...
-Pietry Dukov added as a staff member in the alpha centauri orbit outpost, he's head of securiy and he'll be the player during level 7 (operations) he'll be one of the last characters the player gets to use.
-Added protohumans
-Added Sargeant McGabe he might be player during levels 5-6 depending on a challenge which might save your original character, or kill him in an instant.
- Added Machine Gun, pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, hellium grenade.

Well that's about all, I'll be adding some screenshots real soon just let me get some tiles fixed.

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