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Engines are ready, guns are loaded, it's time for you to buckle up and start BLASTING for only $7.99. The game is now 1.0 and ironed out, with ports for Xbox, PS4 and Switch coming soon! The demo is back on, so if you're not quite sure yet, you can play the demo which is a full version with limited time and no leaderboards and achievements.

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■ Infinite replayability, with waves hand crafted with love ♥
■ Standard and Hard mode for both casual and players that are up for a challenge
■ Boss Raid mode
■ Tutorial
■ 3 player ships, each with their own special ability to match your play style
■ 27 weapons. Use Bullet, Energy or Missile weapons against Unarmored, Armored or Shielded enemies to different effects
■ 25 perks to upgrade your ship
■ More than 40 enemies split into 5 factions
■ 5 bosses, each in three variations for total of 15 challenging baddies to challenge your skills + final big boss.
■ Fun scoring system for both casual and hardcore players: score multipliers, grazing, ranks and perk bonuses
■ Beautiful golden days of 16-bit games pixelart graphics
■ One color mode for visually impaired
■ Blood pumping synthwave music

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