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Alpha 4 is here, bringing us one step closer to dominating your minds!

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您好!阿爾法4就在這裡!(Translation courtesy of Google translate)

Well, I come to you today seeking redemption for last week's failure, as we're releasing Alpha 4! It should be up for download within the next few days :)

Well, as promised we have all the tools, in 5 grades, from Stone to Rathite! There are 3 tools, Pick, Axe, and Shovel. But we changed up the art a bit since last week, to make it a bit more interesting/original.

The new tool textures

Now that we've given you all these tools, you probably want to use them! Well, we came up with yet another innovative solution, as we hate the annoyance of having to change tools every time you find a new block, so instead we have provided a special space in the inventory, one for each type of tool. During your exploration, when you mine a block, the game will auto-select the appropriate tool, based on what you've put in each of the "toolbar" slots.

Also, at the beginning of each game, each player will be given a set of stone tools, and an Anvil.

The new toolbar, and the Anvil's crafting screen

You also might have noticed, that there's now an Anvil crafting screen with 3 slots, rather than the regular crafting screen's 2. But how do you get to such a crafting screen? Well, blocks have a new property "interactive". If a block is interactive, it will get a green selector when you select it, rather than a yellow one. So if you see a interactive block, right-click on it to interact with it!

The new green selector for interactive blocks

Actually, there's another property blocks have now, "climbable" basically, can you climb it? Well, yes you can. As long as it's a ladder that is. Yeah, we added ladders. Cool right? You can climb ladders by simply pressing W or S (up/down).

The new ladders. climbable and everything!

So I bet you want to craft all this stuff right? Here are some Recepies:

Regular Crafting (not anvil):
2 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood: Stone Axe
2 Wood: 1 Ladder

Anvil Crafting:
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Thexite: Thexite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Emrite: Emrite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Emrite: Emrite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Emrite: Emrite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Glythite: Glythite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Glythite: Glythite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Glythite: Glythite Axe
2 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Rathite: Rathite Pick
1 Stone + 1 Wood + 3 Rathite: Rathite Shovel
3 Stone + 1 Wood + 3
Rathite: Rathite Axe
10 Thexite: Anvil

Yeah, that's pretty much it for this week. Oh wait, bug fixes! There are a few little things that have been "bugging us all, right from the beginning that I've fixed. Here they are:
+ You can now press Escape to exit the inventory (or any other window) to exit the screen WITHOUT exiting the entire game. That was pretty annoying
+ I've extended the area of the DSD for diagonals to 1/3 of the width/height or the window, rather than the tiny old 1/4.
+ Pretty much all those weird things with crafting from Alpha 3

Oh yeah, I won't be here to do next week's update. One of the others might do something, but Alpha 5 is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. It's planned to be all about improving the interface with menus and what not. Here's our little "check-list" (The interface update wasn't originally scheduled until about 7/8/9, but you guys asked, so we pulled it forward to 5)
+ Game Menu
+ Pause Menu (when pressing Escape)
+ Nicer looking things
+ Notification Bar (maybe)
+ Recepie Book (or something like that)
+ Saving/Loading Games
+ Fullscreen! YAY!

Now for such a title screen, we need a logo of some description. We may decide to make one ourselves, but I think the community might have some fun making one for us (well, that, and we're a bit lazy) So I'll be opening up the content lines, feel free to submit any ideas you have!

And as for those videos you guys want, Leon's taking care of that. He may/may not put them up for next week's update. Don't forget to track us, or like us out on facebook!

- Watchin' You

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