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Survive inside the Raptors Den long enough for your ship to beam you home. Be careful because more raptors are coming! Use stealth and crouching to stay hidden as long as possible. Coming 5/20/16

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Zukara is an indie exploration/adventure game that I am making. The footage below is a mini game demo for the real game Zukara. In the Raptors Den Demo, you must survive long enough for your ship to beam you back home. Be careful! As time goes by more raptors appear in the den!

Download - 5/20/16

Zukara Story- Askalon... One of the greatest cargo ships in all of the Dertula quadrant; was on it's way to trade with Bevtr IV when an inexplicable event occurred. For the first time ever recorded, an umbra planet emerged out of the void of space; with it's dark energy shackling the mighty ship Askalon.

All thrusters have been shutdown... One must descend upon the planet and disable the ancient ruins that bind the ships thrusters... Scans indicate that this planet is hostile... No one has volunteered to investigate. This can mean only one thing... The fugitives that are stored in the dungeons of Askalon will be the first to arrive on the planet. If they succeed in shutting down the ancient ruins they will be rewarded as heroes, and more importantly will gain their eternal freedom.

Link to IndieDb Website- Indiedb.com



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Zoltoks Author

It is being released today early!

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