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A first look at the game design, the randomly generated map system and some things about behaviors of the zombies and survivors.

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Here is a first look at the game design, the randomly generated map system :

I used different empty objects to spawn different landscapes with a specific script for the river path.

In this second video, I introduce you some basic behaviors coded for the zombies and survivors :

By default, zombies are seeking your camp (if they destroy it, you loose). Until they see a survivor.

Concerning the survivors, the first thing they need is ammo to defend their camp. After that, the player can affect defenders on each tiles map he want.

If a survivor is not armed, and if a zombie is seeking him he runs but the more he runs, the more he is tired until the zombie bites him.

A this step of the development, I spend a lot of time too, to optimize the game because the "AI" of the zombies and the survivors can be very demanding (for the processor) when there's more than 50 or 60 zombies.

I'm happy with the result, because the FPS is always à 60fps :-)

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