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RAINFALL - a modern take on story driven adventure games. The crowdfunding campaign is now live!

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RAIN|FALL is an original, indie 2D adventure game in which every decision you make, in-game or in dialogue has consequences and change the story. Instead of pointing-and-clicking, you walk around the scenes with arrows or WASD.

You can get to know the world around you by reading letters, newspapers, notes, as well as simply looking at the scene and investigating it.

Game is designed in a way that won't let you get bored and the story is always going to keep you on your toes.



  • choices and consequences (your decisions (either in dialogues or environmental ones) will change the story, characters, their attitude to you and many other aspects of the game).
  • original, dark, cliché-free story.
  • different environmental puzzles.
  • minigames.
  • collectibles.
  • different endings based on your choices.
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