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Maybe i will get some players this way, hello world o/

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This mod started when i, dissatisfied with how lame the country mechanic is in RA mod, decided to make my own submod that would make them have worthwhile differences. In the process have got inspired by the original RA game, lots of other fellow ORA modders works, even other games like AoE or EE to create an set of subfactions that each has an thematic and an set of bonuses associated with it.

you can view an textual summary of the nation bonuses here

The mod is mainly being developed at:


I have decided the create two versions of the mod: Full, which is featuring all the extra countries and new units, etc. and Lite, which is from now on is going to feature only 3 country per side.

The current release(s) can be found at:





Posted on moddb in the hopes of getting some players, i havent pieced this together to gather dust only.

Enjoy the mod!

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